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Mars and Ketu share nakshtra lordships of 6 of his houses. Though of course since sun is vargottama, it plays a distinct role in his personaliyu. I am sure Combustion is not responsible for the native's such behaviour.


Veterans like Deepaji and others must be able ehlp You determine those reasons. May be that is why are have a good intellect. And may be be its not affecting Your communication as Deepaji said about the influence of Mars in your chart.. I have a slightly combust mercury 10 degree away and unath's quoted article of it applies very strongly for me.

I feel embarrassed to ask people for money which they owe me.

Combust Planets In Astrology (Lesson with animation)

I have lost a lot of money because of that. I also have difficulty asking for help of any kind. I let people walk all over me, and have a hard time saying no. But i have a very good memory. It is especially helpful in academic settings. I have a brain that is logical and organized, and i never have to memorize stuff. I also am a voracious reader with very wide ranging knowledge. The theory of having a very good memory hold good for me too, but I can't remember text or bookish words, rather I can easily recall movie scenes, dialogues, incidents, even remember random dates.

Its strange, how so many things change with a Deeply Combust and retrograde mercury in my chart. Thanks Deepa and unnath, I got the conception about being a Mars native clear. Now I can understand how I have different characteristics as compared to other natives with combust mercury. As you seem to be troubled by combust mercury very much I would like to do my bit of help by suggesting You a known potential remedy.. There is a mantra for mercury budha graha which could mitigate the effects if chanted sincerely.. Paste as plain text instead.

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    Posted August 30, I think this would be an area of concern for many. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

    Combust Mercury - Part I

    Posted August 31, I've been trying to get some information about the same for a while and thanks for the update. I have a deeply combust mercury in Libra with Sun in Virgo Ascendent. But I have a fast tongue and at times I feel wrapped up in my own words. Mercury is Retrograde in my chart, does that makes the changes?

    In Physics combustion is a property exhibited by fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum and in this process, they release energy. In Astrology,Combustion is all about wastage of planetary properties that renders it worthless whereas in Physics ,combustion is all about utilization of latent resources,which makes it worthwhile. In this article I propose to dwell at length on the rules, exceptions, nuances and paradoxes relating to combustion, which hopefully would set at rest any doubts, both scholars and laymen would have on this oft-discussed subject.

    Does it lose all its power? Is the combust planet supposed to confer inauspicious results exclusively? These are some of the crucial questions we are going to address, in the course of this article. While textbooks have chosen to maintain a dignified state of silence in respect to combustion, scholars have maintained a view similar to our saying. Which of these three conflicting views is correct? I am sure, you will come out with your answer, once we are through with this essay.

    A planet is supposed to be combust, according to Surya Siddhanta, when it is very close to the Sun, within a specified degree.

    Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury

    A rider is also imposed stating that in retrogression Venus and Mercury are combust within a specified degree. So a combust Rahu weakens the Sun and not the other way around! Prof B S Rao in his path breaking commentary on Sarwartha Chintamani views the status of a planet in combustion, in debilitation and in an inimical house on similar lines. The principle of combustion is found to be applicable in the computation of longevity on quantitative lines found in the textbooks on Astrology.

    Sun is debilitated in Libra. A planet is deemed to be inauspicious if it a Has some defect in the form of combustion or debilitation or any one of the negative features discussed in verse 34 of chapter II of Jataka Parijatha and b The aforesaid planet fails to obtain the aspect of a benefic. The aspect of a benefic is curative in nature.

    One may even say it is preventive since it prevents the aforesaid weak planet from delivering bad results. In the absence of benefic aspect, the negative qualities of the planet are experienced by the chart holder. Within the matrix of this doctrine there are certain exceptions. A planet debilitated in both Rasi and in navamsa gets the benefit of Vargottama and thereby is transformed into a benefic. Take for instance the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aries. This is a perfect case for Neechabhanga Raja Yoga.

    A debilitated Saturn has its weakness covered up by an exalted Sun. In this case. If Saturn is also subject to combustion, then I would prefer to say it is not just Neechabhanga but also Moudya bhanga. In case this conjunction, occurs in Libra, then we are faced with a piquant situation wherein a combust Saturn is aligned with a debilitated Sun. In this situation, I would go with the verdict that Moudya bhanga coexists with Neecha Bhanga in as much as a weak Sun is incapable of providing the required ammunition for combustion so as to immobilize a powerful Saturn.

    This verse highlights the dictum that the navamsa plays an important role is Predictive Astrology. If we view combustion from this angle, then even a combusted planet could provide good results provided they are well placed in Rasi or Amsa. Adding to our quota of ambiguity, textbooks on Astrology fail to distinguish between an exalted planet combusted and a debilitated planet similarly placed. In the former case both planets occupy a state of dignity. In the latter case, Sun occupies the house of its dire enemy Saturn, while Jupiter is debilitated.

    In that situation one cannot expect either of the planets to individually deliver positive results leave alone the prospects of this yoga. The Budha-Aditya yoga is extolled in ancient texts. Polite speech, Fame, respect of the king, greatness, wealth, happiness and beauty all follow a person who has Budha Aditya Yoga in the natal chart. What if under the given circumstance, Mercury is combust? This is also used to calculate yogas, and a yoga that occurs in both the Lagna chart and the Chandra Lagna chart will be much more powerful.

    This is also used to calculate yogas, and a yoga that occurs in both the Lagna chart and the Surya Lagna chart will be more powerful. When a planet only rules bad houses it becomes a temporal malefic, bringing challenges into the person's life. If a planet only rules good houses especially kendras and trikonas , it brings positive experiences into the person's life.

    The Process of Qualifying Yogas

    Note: for assessing a planet's temporal nature, houses 2 and 11 are considered mildly good, and house 3 as mildly bad. So Jupiter ruling the 8 th and 11 th would still be considered a temporal malefic, and Mars ruling the 3 rd and 10 th a temporal benefic. See the next two items. Vedic astrologers use Whole Sign aspects, where planets affect every planet in the aspected house, regardless of orb.

    Mutual Aspects: In Vedic astrology, when planets occupy the same house or are in opposite houses, they are said to aspect each other, I. In classical Jyotish texts, planets in the same house are said to be in association with each other. Aspects to Houses: All planets aspect the house opposite to the one that they occupy, whether there are any planets in that house or not.

    Mars aspects all planets and houses four and eight houses ahead counting the house occupied by Mars , Jupiter planets and houses five and nine houses ahead I. Planetary Weaknesses: Planetary war: When a true planet is within 1 degree of another true planet, a planetary war takes place. It is as if they are fighting for territory, and even the victor of the war gets bloodied. This is called Fall in Western astrology. The degree of deepest debilitation, after which strength begins to return to the planet, is, respectively, 10, 3, 15, 27, 28, 5, Jupiter is weakest at 5 degrees Capricorn.

    Dark Moon: When the Moon is within 72 degrees of the Sun, it grows dark and loses strength. A waning Moon is significantly weaker than a waxing Moon given their distances from the Sun being equal.